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ELITe MGB® Kits – Genetics

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ELITe MGB® Kits – Genetics

ELITe MGB® Real-Time PCR


ELITe MGB® kit for allelic detection of coagulation factors is composed of 8 vials of ready-to-use monoreagent mastermix.

The ELITe MGB® kit and associated control are CE-IVD.


Catalogue Number(s)

Product Description: Coagulation ELITe MGB® Kit
Number of Tests: 96
Methodology: Multiplex Real-Time PCR amplification and melt-curve analysis for detection of Factor V Leiden, Factor II G20210A and MTHFR gene C677T variants associated with higher risk of venous thrombosis.

  • Sample type: Whole Blood
  • Sample-to-Result: ELITe InGenius

Positive Controls

Positive Controls are stabilized plasmid solution aliquoted into ready-to-use vials.
Catalogue Number(s)
Product Description: Coagulation ELITe Positive Control
Number of Tests: 12

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