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CEO Message

A pleasure to introduce BAYOUNI COMPANY as a pioneer distributor in the field of Chemicals, Laboratory, and Medical Instruments as well as Consumables & Diagnostics with pertaining instruments. BAYOUNI is the Only Authorized Distributor of Sigma-Aldrich (MERK) at the territory of Saudi Arabia. Our highly qualified Sales team at our central office and branches covered the whole area market of Saudi Arabia. We have created an excellent business relationship with all customers whether at common or private sectors.

Over the past 30 years, the healthcare and laboratory industry has undergone significant changes as well as consumer expectations, and BAYOUNI was able to attain market leadership in providing Laboratory technology and solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

BAYOUNI has been able to support public and private sectors including various institutions in the industrial, medical, and other industries in the country as well as the Saudi Arabian government in its many projects. Unlike its other competitors in the same sector, BAYOUNI is revitalizing itself to adapt to the changing economic and political situation in the country while continuously probe the market to (or “intending to”) maintain its current leadership and to promote itself to distinguished as an advanced and innovative company in its sector.

BAYOUNI has approved ISO 9001 COMPLIANT, and this standardization has allowed the company to implement the best practices in the industry and getting timely solutions when needed.

Business Specialization:
Laboratory Chemicals
Industrial Chemicals
Laboratory Instruments and Disposable
Laboratory Glass Ware
Research and Scientific Equipment