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About Us

Over the past thirty years, the healthcare and laboratory industry has undergone significant changes as well as consumer expectations, and Bayouni Trading Company (BTC) was able to attain market leadership in providing Lab technology and solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

BTC has been able to support public and private sectors including various institutions in the industrial, medical, and other industries in the country as well as the Saudi Arabian government in its many projects. Unlike its other competitors in the same industry, BTC is revitalizing itself to adapt to the changing economic and political situation in the country while continuously probe the market to (or “intending to”) maintaining its current leadership and to promote itself to distinguished as an advanced and innovative company in its sector.

For this to happen, BTC is planning to achieve a 10% increment to the company’s overall growth. It aims to increase its sales significantly from 7% to up to 10% based on its previous sales performance.

To strengthen the company from the inside the management will also review and adjust its internal policies as well as provide new guidelines that will refit the overall performance of the enterprise. Likewise, a stronger external support has become larger than necessary, and BTC will continue to strengthen its cooperation with its trading partners mainly MERCK/SIGMA.