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Elite InGenius®

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Elite InGenius®

Elite InGenius® is the first CE-IVD fully automated sample-to-result solution, integrating sample preparation, amplification and result analysis, validated with a quantitative transplant pathogen monitoring menu.


Elite InGenius® System is an integrated and ease of use sample to-result solution dedicated to Molecular Diagnostics which integrates extraction, amplification and result interpretation with an unprecedented flexibility and assay menu possibility.

Full Automation

  • Bench-top solution integrating in a single platform all the steps of the molecular diagnostics automated nucleic acid extraction, RT PCR amplification, and result analysis guided step by step by an intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Bi-directional connectivity enabling the laboratory to automatically query the LIS to import testing information and export patient’s results.
  • Hands-on-time reduced to few minutes
  • Primary tube loading capability

Efficient Performance

  • High yield of extraction even with low sample volume thanks to patented magnetic beads technology combined with sonication, thermal and chemical sample treatment.
  • Best-in-class CE-IVD RT-PCR menu based on the MGB technology for qualitative and quantitative applications correlated to W.H.O. International Units.
  • Unitary cassette-based format to guarantee an high result accuracy and control of the reagent consumption.
  • Overall time to-result from extraction to result analysis, approximately 2h30 and hands-on-time reduced to less than 2 minutes per sample.

Unrivaled Flexibility

  • 1 to 12 samples processed in parallel tracks offering the possibility to virtually mix any kind of samples matrices and to use simultaneously completely diverse thermal profiles and even PCR chemistries within the same run.
  • Multiple and independent PCR can be performed from one extracted sample enabling the laboratory to define customized and comprehensive panel of tests adapted to each patient needs.
  • Several operational modes are available: extraction only, amplification only, or extraction, amplification and result analysis with a melt curve analysis capability.
  • Extracted nucleic acid elution in a dedicated tube allowing multiple PCR testing on demand, additional retesting or archiving.

Virtually Unlimited Menu

  • First sample-to-result solution with a comprehensive menu dedicated to transplant pathogen and broad menu of quantitative applications.
  • Rapid CE-IVD ELITe MGB RT-PCR menu introduction
    • CMV ELITe MGB assay
    • EBV ELITe MGB assay
    • BKV ELITe MGB assay
    • HSV1 ELITe MGB assay
    • HSV2 ELITe MGB assay
    • Adenovirus ELITe MGB assay
    • VZV ELITe MGB assay
    • Parvovirus B19 ELITe MGB assay
    • MRSA/SA ELITe MGB assay
    • C. difficile ELITe MGB assay
    • And much more with the complete ELITe MGB line
  • Minimum 6plex target capability enhanced with melt curve analysis.
  • Mixed and matched within the same run CE-IVD assays, laboratory developed assays or other assays of interest simply on demand.
  • Personalized menu by saving test panel.

Data Management

  • Bidirectional LIS connectivity
  • Quality control with Levey-Jennings plot
  • Extremely large range of barcode & QR code accepted for samples & reagents traceability
  • Remote access for service and diagnostics

Elite InGenius® is a fully automated and highly flexible sample-to-result solution for Molecular Diagnostics.

System Overview

  • Benchtop instrument with integrated touch screen (100x75x85cm–184 kg)
  • Throughput: 3000 to 9000 tests per year
  • Time-to-result: approximately 2h30


  • 1 to 12 samples per run
  • Primary tube loading
  • Validated matrices: whole blood, plasma, serum, CSF, urine, nasal swab, throat swab.

Sample Preparation

  • Sonication capability
  • Patented bead technology
  • Extraction reagents: prefilled, unitary cartridge format – ELITe InGenius SP200Sample volume processed: 200µl,
  • Elution volume: 50µl, 100µl, 200µl
  • Extracted Nucleic acid storage


  • 12 independently controlled RT-PCR units
  • Minimum 6plex target capability enhanced with melt-curve analysis
  • Amplification reagent: CE-IVD with ELITe MGB line, open capability for a large range of chemistries
  • Reagent manager area with active cooling – 24 positions
  • Multiple PCR from one extracted sample
  • Quantitative results: up to 6 calibrator levels, standards curve storage
  • RT-PCR volume: 20 µL to 50 µL
  • Pipetting Range: 5 µl to 300 µL with multi-dispensing capability
  • Security Features: Specific cassette design, drop catcher, UNG, filter tips, UV treatment, multiple liquid level detection…

Data Management

  • Bidirectional LIS connectivity
  • Quality control with Levey-Jennings plot
  • Extremely large range of barcode & QR code accepted for samples & reagents traceability
  • Remote access for service and diagnostics

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