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ELITe GALAXY & Extraction Kit

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ELITe GALAXY & Extraction Kit

The ELITe GALAXY is a complete, CE-IVD bench top solution for Nucleic Acid extraction and PCR set up. The system is enabled with a unique Real-Time PCR menu that includes the largest infectious disease menu for transplant monitoring.


The ELITe Galaxy system is an automated and flexible solution dedicated to high throughput laboratories to perform an ease-of-use sample preparation and PCR setup.

Flexible solution

  • 1 to 48 samples are extracted per work session
  • 1 to 8 multiple PCR setup (qualitative and/or quantitative)
  • Loading of various primary tubes
  • Full CE IVD validation with numerous real-time PCR parameters (Real-Time PCR ELITe MGB kits) and Laboratory Developed test Capability

Highly reliable Liquid Handling operations

  • Advanced technologies for liquid handling tasks: CO-RE, LLD, MAD, ADC, DPS
  • Total in-process control: real-time monitoring of events and errors
  • Complete sample traceability
  • Bi-directional LIMS connection

Universal extraction

  • One single extraction kit for human DNA and viral DNA / RNA validated with several body fluids
  • One single protocol
  • High performance magnetic bead extraction technology


  • Step by step user guidance software
  • Auto-loading function for reagents and samples
  • Positive identification of sample and reagents with an integrated bar code reader
  • Automatic definition of optimal Real-Time PCR set up: qualitative & quantitative

The ELITe GALAXY instrument and ELITe GALAXY 300 Extraction Kit have been designed and developed in accordance to the requirements of the EC directive 98/79/EC and safety requirements for electronic and medical systems.

Flexible solution

  • 300 μL

Highly reliable Liquid Handling operations

  • 1 to 48 samples per run

PCR Setup Capacity

  • Up to 96 reactionsUp to 8 PCR assays (qualitative and/or quantitative)

Heating Temperature

  • Heat Incubator, up to 105°C


  • VENUS –CE-IVD cleared –intuitive interface

Operating Software

  • Windows 7

Ports / Drives

  • USB, Ethernet, RS232/ 80 GB hard disc


  • 1124 x 903 x 795 mm, 140 kg

Liquid Handling Technologies

  • CO-RE technology,
  • Dual liquid level detection,
  • Monitoring of air displacement,
  • Anti-droplet control

Pipette Tips

  • 300 and 1000 μL
  • Up to 1000 μL volume range

Air Displacement Pipetor

  • Up to 1000 μL volume range

Pipetting Precision

  • 1%


  • UV light

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