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DURAN® GLS 80® Baffled, Wide Mouth Bottle

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DURAN® GLS 80® Baffled, Wide Mouth Bottle


The DURAN® GLS 80® baffled, wide mouth bottle has three vertical baffles into the inner surface, the swirling motion is disrupted, and a much more effective mixing occurs. The baffles improve the top-to-bottom circulation and produce a greater radial mixing. The baffles also offer other advantages such as suppressing the formation of a central vortex, and reducing dead-zones where mixing does not occur.

  • Compatible with DURAN® GLS 80® magnetic stirrers, other magnetic stir bars, and with the full range of wide mouth GLS 80® connection cap systems for liquid addition or removal when mixing with stir bars.
  • The baffles are moulded into the glass side wall of the bottles and form a continuous, smooth inner surface making clean up easy
  • Bottles are fully autoclavable
  • Easy-to-read graduated volume scale
  • Manufactured from DURAN® borosilicate 3.3 glass
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