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DURAN® TILT Media Bottle System

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DURAN® TILT Media Bottle System


The DURAN® TILT bottle system was specifically developed for preparing and pipetting of cell culture media. The TILT bottle can be used in two positions: upright for filter sterilization and tilted at 45 ° for pipetting.

  • Unique 45° TILT position for easy pipetting
  • Wide GL 56 mouth with non-cytotoxic, ergonomic screw cap
  • Low bottle height for easy handling in biosafety cabinets and clean hoods
  • Space Saving shape for fridge storage and in water baths
  • Tilted volume indicator visible from both sides
  • Vacuum resistant bottle for safe filter sterilization
  • Non-cytotoxic DURAN® borosilicate 3.3 glass
  • Innovative accessories: sterile vacuum filtration units, re-usable GL 45 adaptor, protective Light Shield, colourful Bottle Tags, and GL 56 cap labels for clear media identification
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