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Selectra Touch Pro Software

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Selectra Touch Pro Software

Software designed for today’s laboratory challenges


Software Operation






Intuitive and user-friendly

  • Touch Screen operator interface
  • Menu icons provide instant reach to key operations
  • Intelligent  icons to guide the operator through daily routine
  • New operators can run samples within an hour
  • STAT tests info button for fast access

Automation that drives productivity and reduces errors

  • Automated sample programming with LIS interface and PSID (use configurable panels / individual tests for manual upload)
  • Auto validations with programmable criteria such as configurable system checks to automate result validation
  • Rapid uploading and programming of assays via barcode
  • Bar coded reagents, test parameters, calibration values & control limits for prompt automated programming
  • User-Defined calculated tests
  • Calibration and control work lists auto generated when required
  • Auto reflex dilution capability

Detailed reportable traceability and accountability

  • Control and trace operation access with different laboratory security levels and password protection
  • Access real time data for every test (operator, calibration, QC, control, absorbance, reagent lot and expiration)
  • Self-configurable report templates
  • Import and export data for patient record storage
  • Back-up and archive capability test and result data


  • Customizable easy to use check lists for daily and periodic maintenance
  • On screen one touch access to operator manual for instant assistance
  •  Plan maintenance tasks to run automatically when analyzer system is not in use
  • Periodic maintenance tasks tracked and reportable
  • Color coded graphic maintenance reminders and alarms

Streamlined automated ELITech clinical system operation

  • Use of ELITech liquid stable barcoded reagents, controls and calibrators
  • Reagents fully validated for ELITech software, instrument and applications

Global Service Support
50 years knowledge and expertise for first class support

  • Access to Online training web portal for operation and maintenance guidance
  • More than 200 distributors worldwide supported by central service team
  • Remote access diagnostics software to reduce downtime and costs


  • Integrated touch screen 15.4”, PC and keyboard with mouse
  • Operating system MS windows™

LIMS Connectivity

  • Bidirectional and host-query functionality
  • Host: RS232 or Ethernet (TCP / IP) through LIS-2A protocol

Record Storage

  • Up to 5 million test results (>80 GB storage capacity)

Back Up Capability  

  • Manual and or Automatic
  • USB flash drive, DVD or external hard drive
  • Export functionality includes to other applications

USB Ports 

  • 4

Connection to Printer 

  • Via USB port, supported by MS windows ™


  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and other languages on request

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