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Aerospray® Hematology Stat Series 2

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Aerospray® Hematology Stat Series 2

The Fastest and most economical aqueous based Hematology staining with the cleanest fields in the market.

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The Aerospray Hematology Stat Series 2 stainer is a dual-purpose microprocessor-controlled slide staining and cell preparation system.

The Aerospray Process for Hematology Staining

The Aerospray Hematology Stat Slide Stainer/Cytocentrifuge combines ELITech’s advanced staining technology with the advantage of aqueous-based staining routines. With its rapid staining cycle and high throughput capability, the Aerospray Hematology Stat Stainer is a convenient, cost-effective way to screen Hematology specimens.


– Smears are automatically fixed with methanol or with Aerofix® fixative at the beginning of the staining cycle (alternatively, slides can be hand-fixed using methanol or Basofix®).

– After a drying sequence, eosin stain is applied to stain acidophilic cell components, followed by a brief period for stain penetration. Thiazin dye is then applied to stain the basophilic cell components, followed by another brief stain penetration period.

– A buffered rinse cleans the slides of excess stain and is then removed by centrifugation. Slides are dry and ready for the microscope at the end of the cycle.


The Aerospray Stainer uses a two-part aqueous Romanowsky stain. Its principal advantages are:

– RAPID STAINING KINETICS: Blood smears are fixed, stained, and dried in about 4 minutes.

– IMPROVED STAIN STABILITY: The slow rate of decomposition of thiazin and eosin dyes in separate neutral aqueous solutions allows a long shelf life. Since changes in the stains occur very slowly, staining results are highly reproducible and consistent.

– CLEAR FIELDS: Since there is virtually no stain precipitation or debris, slides are exceptionally clean.


With aqueous stains, basophil granules, which are water soluble, may be washed away in the staining process, but with experience, degranulated basophils are readily recognized. For customers who prefer granulated basophils, Wescor offers Basofix fixative. This specially compounded formula yields stain coloration more reminiscent of alcohol-based stains. In addition to fixing basophil granules, primary granules are also strengthened.


The Aerospray Stat Stainer is easily programmed. You have a choice of 10 intensity settings including 3 settings for bone marrow. The instrument is thus highly responsive to a wide range of staining requirements. Simply make your selection by pressing a single keypad.

Dual-purpose Instrument

With the optional Cytopro®rotor, the Aerospray Stainer becomes a superb cytocentrifuge with eight-slide capacity and programmability, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a stand-alone cytocentrifuge.

Everything under control

Would you like to secure your settings with an administrator password? Do you want to be reminded to perform preventative maintenance or stain a QC slide? Just program the stainer as you like and the system will remind you. And don’t worry about reagents and waste – the stainer alerts you to expired shelf life, or critical reagent or waste levels.

More traceability

Need to reinforce your QC management and ensure compliance with new lab requirements? The Hematology STAT series 2 memory stores critical information including: reagent data, specimen ID, user ID, and cycle operation history–all exportable via a USB port. The new barcode scanner streamlines data entry, while manual keyboard entry is still an option.


The Aerospray Hematology Stat Stainer is exceptionally sparing when it comes to reagent consumption. Programmability significantly reduces the volume of reagents required for staining partial loads and thereby significantly lowers reagent cost.

Rapid performance

With a cycle time as short as 5minutes, the Aerospray Stainer can process more than 115 slides per hour (up to 288 with the optional 30-slide carousel). No more waiting for slides to dry–they’re ready to view when the staining cycle ends.

Easy to use

Simply select the user-defined program and start the stain cycle. The stainer takes over from there, precisely controlling all phases of the stain cycle with virtually perfect reproducibility. Automated nozzle clean and purge after each stain cycle ensures performance without user intervention.

Enjoy a friendly user interface with many innovative features at your disposal, such as large touch screen, language selection, help screens, nameable and recordable programs, and easy updates with the USB serial port.

Slide Carousel Capacity

  • 1 to 12 slides

Cytocentrifuge Rotor Speed

  • 100-2000 rpm (± 5%), user programmable

Dimensions (W x H x D)

  • 57 cm x 25 cm x 54 cm (22” x 10” x 21”)

Clearance Height (lid open)

  • 58 cm (23”).


  • 15.2 kg (33.5 lb).

Electrical Requirements

  • 100 to 240 VAC (±10%), @ 50-60 Hz, 200 watts maximum

Drain Connection

  • Outlet on rear panel.


  • Lid interlock: Lid must be closed for operation, and is locked down during carousel rotation.

Reagent Level Detect

  • Level detection on all reagent lines

Waste Level Detect

  • Level detection in waste bottle

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