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UMMt RevolutioN

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UMMt RevolutioN

Optimized Transport Medium preserving specimen integrity for up to 72h before analysis.


Mycoplasmas are relatively fragile, grow in acellular cultures in the presence of various growth factors and at a constant temperature of 35 to 37 °C.
Mycoplasmas are also very labile and difficult to identify. UMMt is able to deal with sample stability to eliminate the risk of false positive and negative results.

Before being placed into culture, the mycoplasmas are extremely sensitive to their storage and transport conditions. Therefore, it is usually recommended that analysis should be carried out immediately or alternatively, that the sample should be preserved for a limited period of time and under conditions that are defined by the manufacturer.

Freezing makes it possible to preserve the mycoplasmas for a long period. The method that best protects the mycoplasmas is freezing at a temperature of -70°C. However, this method is not easily adapted to use in medical analysis laboratories. However, a storage temperature of -20°C, in a suitable preservation medium, is sufficient for sample preservation that does not exceed 72 hours. The increased preservation time afforded by “MYCOPLASMA Stabilizer” means that laboratories, if required, can conduct diagnosis of urogenital mycoplasma up to 3 days after the clinical collection of the sample.

The “MYCOPLASMA Stabilizer” reagent prolongs the storage time of the mycoplasmas after freezing at – 20°C (+/- 2°C) in UMMt media. The reagent is a complement for the UMMt RevolutioN media. One vial allows the storage of approximately 50 specimens.


The mycoplasmas are fragile bacteria lacking a cell wall and thus are sensitive to variations of osmotic pressure. The samples must be discharged into an isotonic medium containing sodium chloride, such as the UMMt transport medium.
Moreover, mycoplasmas are sensitive to the products of catabolism. A strong concentration of catabolic products can induce an autointoxication. Inoculation in a liquid medium produces a profitable dilution effect.

Simple methodology

For storage up to 72 hours: once the UMMt RevolutioN medium has been inoculated, add 2 drops of “MYCOPLASMA Stabilizer” directly to the UMMt bottle. Homogenize the suspension and store the bottle at -20°C (± 2°C) for a maximum of 72 hours.

You can also keep your samples at room temperature during 20 hours.

Reagents and material

  • UMMt RevolutioN:
    Vial containing a Mycoplasma broth, antibiotics and a preservative solution. pH : 6.0 ± 0.1
    Quantity: 50 vials

Material required but not provided

  • Sample collecting material (Dacron or rayon swabs, cytobrushes, sterile containers for liquid samples)
  • MYCOPLASMA Stabilizer (ref. 00064)
  • Pipettes and tips
  • Incubator at 37 °C ± 1 °C
  • Freezer at -20°C (for storage up to 72 hours)
  • Waste container for contaminated waste

Stability and storage
The reagents may be stored at 2-8 °C, in their original packaging until the expiry date shown on the kit. Before opening, the UMMt medium may be stored temporarily at room temperature (18-25 °C)
Refer to the performance data usage instructions of the MYCOFAST® RevolutioN kit (REF 00060) and MYCOFAST® Screening RevolutioN (REF 00063) / COMPLEMENT MYCOFAST® RevolutioN (REF 00062) kits.

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