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Precision Bore Tubing

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Precision Bore Tubing


We manufacture our precision bore tubing with optimal precision by heating glass tubes and vacuum heat shrinking them onto precision mandrels.
This technique enables the DWK Life Sciences to manufacture precision bore tubing with a defined inside diameter with the smallest possible tolerances in the micrometre (μm) range.

With over 400 different cylindrical and 150 conical KPG® dimensions to choose from, combined with various wall thicknesses and individual hot and cold processing methods, we can manufacture your product based on your ideas and designs.



Hot processing
Inside diameter: 0,15 mm bis 296,00 mm

Minimum tolerance: ± 0,003 mm
(depending on inside diameter, wall thickness and length)

Cold processing
Outside diameter: 2,00 mm bis 415,00 mm

Minimum tolerance: ± 0,002 mm
(depending on inside diameter, wall thickness and length)


KPG® production is one of the most challenging fields in the special glass industry.
The DWK Life Sciences offers a unique range of products designed specifically to meet your individual requirements.



KPG® cone
Maximum precision, individual geometries.

We also manufacture conical precision glass tubing tailored to your specific requirements. We have considerable expertise and extensive experience in this field.

Multi-walled KPG® tubing
High pressure.

We produce multi-walled DURAN® precision bore glass to satisfy your particular requirements for pressure resistance. We shrink several tubes on top of one another for outstanding compressive strength.

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