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Post Processing Expertise

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Post Processing Expertise


Optimum quality, flexibility and innovation are our strengths.

Our manufacturing and processing technologies are as varied as the applications and requirements for our precision bore glass.

Take advantage of our skills in the processing of precision bore tubing as well as standard tubing, cone and capillary to meet your requirements.


Further processing of precision and standard glass:

  • grinding, milling and drilling
  • centerless precision grinding
  • surface polishing
  • hot forming of glass components
  • multi-walled tubing for high pressure resistance
  • production and fusion of glass filters and glass components
  • application of intermediate sealing glass
  • amber colouring of glass surface for UV protection
  • application of scaling and logos using film printing technique
  • screen printing

Cold processing

Cracked-off or cut
The cut or cracked-off plane has a rough surface and sharp edges. This type of end finish is used mainly for further processing




Facing cut ground
Grinding the facing cut gives the cut edge a smooth surface.

Ground square and parallel
This grinding method gives a smooth cut surface and parallel planes at both ends.

Ground parallel and perpendicular to the axis
In this variation the ends are ground parallel and perpendicular to the axis to achieve the optimum surface finish.


Chamfered edges:
We can provide the finished ends with additional internal and/or external chamfered edges to protect the edges from damage and chips.

Hot processing

Ends melted
After cracking off or cutting, the ends are melted to give a round finish as required.
This generates a very smooth, round edge.



Ends fire polished
The ends are fire polished after grinding. This gives a lightly rounded edge and additional protection, whilst retaining the edge geometry



Please note!
Hot processing of glass ends affects the inside and outside diameter of the part.






We don’t just scratch the surface.

Ground surface
Using diamond grinding tools, we can produce external diameters with the tightest of tolerances in the micrometre (μm) range; we can even achieve exacting surface roughness values.

Polished surface
Surface polishing is an additional finishing process that enables us to produce a technically transparent surface.

Plastic coating for surface protection
We guarantee the safety of your products. A plastic coating provides effective chip, impact and leakage protection.

We put your ideas and designs into practice. A one-stop-shop.

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