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Permanent lettering of DURAN® products by the use of laser technology

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Permanent lettering of DURAN® products by the use of laser technology


Routine procedures in laboratories can take considerable time and effort. At the same time, the handling of different samples in identical or very similar containers is a very significant source of potential mistakes and errors. 

Benefit from our new custom service to individually mark your laboratory glassware for increased security, and efficiency of laboratory workflows.


Process optimisation with no loss of product performance

The DWK Life Sciences GmbH offers you the possibility of having new laboratory glassware permanently and individually marked using laser technology right from when you place your order. This is even available for smaller quantities, and poses no risk of damaging the glassware. This enables containers to be easily and automatically introduced into the specific work processes, for example via a barcode scanner. This permits container tracking from the initial registration stage through downstream processing and even as far as returns from a cleaning procedure. This saves time and money, and also satisfies the highest possible demands of quality assurance.

Traditional methods of marking glassware such as screen printing, meant that individual marking was only possible for very large quantities, or involved a great deal of complexity and cost (burnt-in labels). New, innovative technology means that marking is now possible for small batches. Barcodes, text, figures or logos – we are able to mark DURAN® glass according to your wishes – permanently and unmistakably.

The laser marking is applied to a pre-defined marking area. The surface of the glass is not actually altered, only the ceramic colour is removed by the process. The tried-and-tested DURAN® glass properties, such as high continuous usage temperature, thermal shock resistance and chemical resistance, are therefore retained. 

Excellent print quality and so good legibility are achieved through the use of state-of-the-art laser technology. Individually marked DURAN® glass items are still fully autoclavable / sterilisable, microwave and dishwasher safe. As a result, laser marking contributes significantly towards clearly identifying the contents of the containers and so helps to avoid confusion in the laboratory. This is a particularly attractive option for highly regulated industries, such as in pharmaceutical, biotechnology or sample testing laboratories. 

If you are interested we will be happy to discuss details with you. Please contact us.

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