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Miscellaneous Articles

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Miscellaneous Articles


A highly motivated team will meet your special requirements and develop constructive solutions with improved flexibility and higher reliability.

Our business activities comprise:

  • High manual dexterity in the handling of borosilicate glass
  • Flexibility for small and medium-scale production runs
  • Manufacture of large-volume articles
  • High flexibility for custom solutions (made to measure products)

A small selection from our range:

  • Cylinders and cylindrical containers
  • Conical cylinders for the paper industry
  • Blank flanges and round bottom flasks for industrial plant
  • Coils for the textile industry
  • Insulators for the electrical industry
  • Safety glass in a wide ranges of forms and sizes for museums, displays and exhibits
  • Safety glass for submarines
  • Safety glass for aircraft
  • Baking dishes
  • Containers for industrial coffee machines
  • Grappa bottles
  • Casserole dishes with lid
  • Egg boilers
  • Glass parts for the Olympic Torch (Salt Lake City 2002)

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