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Milk Jars


We supply blown glass milk jars of capacity 4 – 50 l to the world’s leading suppliers of milking systems.


Our product range comprises:

  • Recorders
  • Receivers
  • Sanitary Trap

Please see the following table for precise specifications and options:


Product Capacity (l)
Recorder 4-7-23-28-33-39
Receiver 20-23-25-28-33-50-70
Sanitary Trap 5-10


External diameter of openings and outlets 19-22-33-40-50-52 mm
Diameter of the drilled holes 17-25-43-50-60-76-128 mm

Logos, scales and graduations are applied according to standard or special customer requirements.

We are only too willing to create variations according to your requirements under consultation with our technologists.

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