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M²® – Multiplexed Microwell Technology

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M²® – Multiplexed Microwell Technology

Never before has there been a patented multiplex technology that can combine the automation, reproducibility and sensitivity required for clinical laboratories with the flexibility and economy essential for research and development applications. Until now. Get ready for M2®, the perfect combination of advanced technology and simplicity…


M²® – Multiplexed Microwell Technology

  • Uses straightforward technology with easy-to-understand and proven ELISA assay methodologies
  • Simultaneously performs multiple assays with a single sample
  • Reads, analyzes and processes the results quickly, easily and more cost effectively than any other option on the market
  • Fixed format or custom configured in 54 or 96 well plates with up to10 analytes per well in initial array
  • With a fixed-position array, macro beads are positioned discriminately, avoiding requirement for filter plate or magnetic separation of beads
  • Automatically adds reagents to multiple wells enhancing efficiency and consistency

Simple to use yet superior reproducibility. Sensitive and specific. Intelligent automation in a low cost package. With the addition of M2® revolutionizing technology, the possibilities are endless.

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