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Glasses for The Lighting Industry

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Glasses for The Lighting Industry


Thin-walled blown SUPRAX® (borosilicate glass 3.3) branded cylinders from are widely used in camping gas lamps, kerosene lanterns, special radiant heaters etc.

Various standard sizes are available in cylindrical or bulbous form, and clear or enamelled finish. In addition, we will gladly manufacture to your customised dimensions.


Description Diameter Height Finish Shape
80 x 80 80 mm 80 mm clear cylindrical
80 x 80 em 80 mm 80 mm enamelled cylindrical
82 x 81 em 82 mm 81 mm enamelled cylindrical
89 x 106 em 89 mm 106 mm enamelled cylindrical
110 x 115 110 mm 115 mm clear cylindrical
110 x 115 110 mm 115 mm clear cylindrical
110 x 115 em 110 mm 115 mm enamelled cylindrical
3389 68 mm 57,5 mm clear bulbous
3389 em 68 mm 57,5 mm enamelled bulbous

Outstanding product characteristics such as high thermal shock resistance and high heat resistance make SUPRAX® glass the material of choice for a range of applications. Our unique manufacturing processes enable us to achieve a very high safety standard, as a result of which SUPRAX® glass cylinders, unlike those made from conventional glass, have no micro-cracks at the edges.

SUPRAX® glass is used in PETROMAX® and FEUERHAND® lamps.

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