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ELITe STAR & Extraction Kit

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ELITe STAR & Extraction Kit

ELITe STAR is a fully automated CE-IVD nucleic acid extraction solution enabling a primary tube loading, universal processing and less than 10 hands-on-time minutes.


Fully Automated extraction system
The ELITe STAR instrument is a fully automated microplate system performing a complete sample processing: sample and reagent pipetting, dispensing, incubations, and magnetic separation of purified nucleic acids. Up to 12 samples can be processed per work session. Samples and reagents are positively identified with an integrated barcode reader. Less than 10 minutes hands-on-time are required.

Loading of primary tubes
The ELITe STAR enables the direct loading of common primary collection tubes to minimize the hands-on-time and prevent error.

Integrated and easy-to-use software
The ELITe STAR is controlled with a touch screen via the dedicated Windows based ELITe STAR software. The clear structure with intuitive operator-guidance allows simple and quick operation of daily routine jobs automatic inventory of resources needed and identification of inconsistency. ELITe Star can be connected to the LIMS.

Single Universal extraction kit and protocol for various matrices
The ELITe STAR 200 Extraction Kit has been designed for fully automated extraction and purification of human genomic DNA, mitochondrial DNA, bacterial DNA and viral DNA/RNA from 200 μL of samples in association with the ELITe STAR Instrument. A single universal protocol is required for preparation of DNA and RNA from fresh or frozen samples like human blood collected in EDTA or citrate, suspensions of peripheral leukocytes, lymphomonocytes, granulocytes and plasma collected in EDTA or citrate, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, cell culture supernatants like rinsed liquid from swabs as well as urine, BAL, sputum or supernatant from stool suspension. One single reference included all the consumables and reagents for 96 extractions.

Leading Magnetic Beads Extraction technology
The ELITe STAR Instrument uses magnetic rods to transport the DNA/RNA-binding magnetic particles through the various extraction phases, lysis-binding-washing-elution, eliminating the direct liquid handling and increasing the automation level results in a fast, reliable and robust technique.

The magnetic extraction process is based on the interaction of nucleic acids with silica coated magnetic particles in optimal buffer conditions. The magnetic particles are characterized by a high surface area, a uniform size distribution, and good suspension stability.

Magnetic Beads Extraction principle
Sample lysis is performed using Buffer L and Proteinase K; optimal binding conditions are adjusted by the addition of Buffer B. The DNA/RNA binds to the added magnetic particles M – Beads and is separated from the solution by magnetic rods controlled by the ELITe STAR Instrument. After three washing steps of the particle bound nucleic acids, the M – Beads are transferred into elution buffer well and the DNA/RNA is finally eluted in Buffer E. The highly purified PCR ready samples are transferred into the Elution Plate.

Full CE-IVD process
The ELITe STAR instrument and ELITe STAR 200 Extraction Kit are both CE-IVD. They have been designed and developed in accordance to the requirements of the EC directive 98/79/EC and safety requirements for electronic and medical systems.

The CE-IVD validation of ELITe MGB® and Q-PCR Alert Real-Time PCR tests with ELITe STAR provides a full CE-IVD solution from sample preparation to amplification for the microbiology, virology and genetic disorders applications.

The ELITe STAR is general purpose equipment for in vitro diagnostic applications validated for specific IVD applications with ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics kits. Usage of any other kits or kit components on the ELITe STAR instrument is only allowed after a validation process.

Sample Volume

  • 200 μL


  • Up to 12 samples per run

Processing Time

  • About 70 min

Heating Temperature

  • Heat Incubator, up to 90°C


  • Integrated PC

Operating Software

  • MS Windows

User Interface

  • Touch screen

Ports / Drives

  • USB, Ethernet, RS232/ 80 GB hard disc


  • 77 x 72 x 68 cm, 76 kg

Pipettes tips

  • 1100 μL

Air Displacement Pipetor

  • Up to 1000 μL volume range

Pipetting Precision

  • Less than 2% CV at 20 μL, less than 0,5% CV at 100 μL


  • UV light