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Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Series 2

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Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Series 2

Complete system for depositing an enriched monolayer of cells onto microscope slides.

“Delivering superb cell recovery with trouble-free operation.”


The Cytopro cytocentrifuge Series 2 is a complete system for depositing cells onto microscope slides. The Cytopro has touchscreen controls, and an eight place rotor that accepts single, double or large volume chambers.

The CYTOPRO Process for Cell Recovery


Cutting-edge microprocessor control and user programmability provides programming versatility. In addition to manual programming, you can store up to twelve frequently used combinations of rotation speed (100-2000 rpm), run time (1-99 minutes), and rotor acceleration (Low, Medium or High). Programs are easy to retrieve or clear. The user friendly display visually confirms inputs, current settings, or operation cycle status.


The Cytopro rotor uses centrifugal force and three proprietary chamber designs to sediment cells onto slides with maximum safety and user convenience. The shallow profile makes sample ID easy and loading and unloading samples is convenient in a biological safety hood. Simply pipette sample fluid directly into the sample well. Slides and samples load securely into the rotor without fumbling. After the run, the chamber release lever cleanly separates the chamber from the slide. Both the slide and the sample chamber can then be easily removed. Cytopro’s unique ergonomic design leaves no chance of smearing your cells.

With the standard volume (single or dual) chambers, suspension fluid is simultaneously absorbed into the Cytopad ® absorption pad as cells contact the microscope slide.
With the Cytopro Magnum large capacity chamber, the suspension fluid is removed by an absorbent foam pad by the end of the run.

Standard volume chambers can be discarded with the used Cytopad, or can be autoclaved and reused with a fresh Cytopad.


The Cytopro sample chambers are the heart of the Cytopro system. They combine ease of use with superb cell recovery. Innovative standard volume chamber designs make loading and pad alignment simple and foolproof. The semi-transparent sample chamber allows visual confirmation of correct sample volume. Proprietary flow control delivers consistent results. Dual addition ports allow pre-wetting—for excellent cell recovery. Because damaged spring clips can affect recovery, we use reliable coil springs instead. Chambers are available in single, dual and Magnum volume configurations to suit every need.

Everything under control

Would you like to secure your settings with an administrator password? Do you want to be reminded to run a QC specimen?
Just program the Cytopro as you like and the system will remind you.

More traceability

Need to reinforce your QC management and ensure compliance with new lab requirements? The Cytopro series 2 memory stores critical information including specimen ID, user ID, and cycle operation history–all exportable via a USB port.

The new barcode scanner streamlines data entry, while manual keyboard entry is still an option.

Unmatched ease of use

Enjoy a friendly user interface with many innovative features at your disposal, such as large touch screen, language selection, help screens, nameable and recordable programs, and easy updates with the USB serial port.

Chamber Volume

  • Dual 0.3 mL per well (0.6 mL per chamber);
  • Single 0.5 mL per chamber;
  • Magnum 6.0 mL per chamber

Rotor Slide Capacity

  • Up to 8 slides and Cytopro chambers

Rotor Speed

  • 100 to 2000 rpm (±5%) user programmable.

Operating Time

  • Programmable 1 to 99 mins

Dimensions (W x H x D)

  • 43 cm x 25 cm x 54 cm (17” x 10” x 21”)

Clearance Height (lid open)

  • 58 cm (23”)


  • 10.4 kg (22.5 lb.)

Electrical Requirements

  • 100 to 240 V (±10%) @ 50-60 Hz


  • 2.0 Amp time-lag (Type T) (5 x 20 mm) (2 required)

Power Consumption
200 Watts Maximum

  • Lid Interlock: lid must be closed for operation, and is locked down during rotor rotation

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