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Components for Small Appliances

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Components for Small Appliances


A highly motivated team will meet your special requirements and develop constructive solutions with improved flexibility and higher reliability.

Our business activities comprises:

• High manual dexterity in the handling of borosilicate glass
• Flexibility for small and medium-scale production runs
• Manufacture of large-volume articles
• High flexibility for custom solutions (made to measure products)

Examples from our range:

• Boiler (with high refinement level)
• Blender jars
• Spare parts for wide range of domestic coffee makers


Please see the following table for precise specifications and options:


Hot forming technology Capacity(l) Weight (gr) External
max. height(mm)
Blow forming (Fixed blowing and rotary methods) max. 70 max. 13.500 50 – 480 1 – 16 750
Pressing manufacture max. 4.600 35 – 450 3 – 18 400


Processing technology

Drilling Glass blowing Grading
Grinding Rim moulding Screen printing
Cutting Thread cutting Colouring
Seaming Decorating

There are countless options and application areas. Your new ideas are always welcome! We would like to help you turn your ideas into reality and create new attractive products.

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